Step one. Thanks for the excellent insights into gel staining! Glaze comes in two different formulas: oil-based and water-based. People will want to We get some great sun throughout the day and having lighter cabinets makes it even brighter in our home Hope this helps! Use the cloth to wipe away the glaze. In the darker rooms like the bathrooms in our house this worked out fine. It doesn’t have to be too heavy, but make sure you get the glaze in all the nooks and crannies of the cabinet door or drawer. Hey! Not only had I never painted kitchen cabinets before, I also had never used any kind of ‘technique’ either. Good luck! Head over to my page to get started!Today I wanted to show you two glazing techniques that will help you bring depth and character to your kitchen, bathroom or laundry cabinets. They’re real wood. However, our cabinets were too far gone. July 29, 2007 Question I have a customer who wants me to (significantly) darken the stain on his Almost every single tutorial I read talked about how inexpensive this gel staining project would be. Any suggests. Using Gel Stain as a Glaze You can custom-mix your own glazes using wiping stains, gels, and extenders (to modify open times). Use clear wax all over the piece first doing a square foot at a time, wax on then wipe it off with a soft cloth or soft paper napkins. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); It helps if you start from the inside and work your way out. Thanks for the two different glaze styles and feedback about them! Best, . It wasn’t perfect but it was looking pretty good. Please READ this very carefully – if you are going from a knob with two holes to one with a single hole, don’t do it. Any scratching, chipping, peeling, etc? No, we didn’t apply anything over the glaze and it held up for two years until we repainted . ( Traditional Before Photos by Fredericksburg Kitchen & Bath Remodelers Pro Refinish ) Before: Honey stained oak cabinets surround this kitchen. . In most lights it really doesn’t look that streaky. Thanks! Hi Tina! I only needed to brush on 2 coats…1st coat was a lil streakyn icouldsee sign of old finish but I remained calm n followed Pete B directions. I grabbed a sponge brush and very thinly placed a third layer on the rest of the doors and the cabinets. I might even use it on furniture that I want to make a java color. Read the tutorial here. This was great, I also struggled with gel stain. I would go over them with a deglosser to make sure the gel glaze sticks and just pick a darker colored glaze so it really pops! And I can say that my painting technique has expanded to more than just keeping it off my clothes! First, let’s talk about the supplies. Did you put a polyurethane top coat on? Streaky and uneven. But what didn’t happen was the exact same results that everyone else magically had. We used Dutch Boy cabinet and trim paint! Eeeek! Great question! It’s ok, I guess, but streaks are noticeable if you really look at it closely. Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast. I almost cried. Ready for another project? Here’s the final product! Still a little streaky but it definitely looks better than the original. Oh my. I mean, why do they provide solid oak cabinets and then put cheap wood print on the side? General Finishes 423,753 views 7:43 What's the Difference between Furniture Wax and Glaze? Personally, I am not a fan of painting beautiful solid oak anything. It doesn’t. Dip the sponge in the glaze, and draw a line along the edge of the drawer. Glazing cabinets is a technique for antiquing them by mixing glaze with the same color paint as the cabinets. Step three. You gave me a lot to think about. I had remembered reading that you could paint on the gel stain and so I decided to go for that method. Sometimes, it's not all rainbows and butterflies.. One more coat of mud on the walls and then it'll b, Spent the evening at my parent's with two of my si, So, here's the deal. Our mission? I read several DIY blogs and thought it didn’t look too hard. I was excited to cover that baby up. I put a third coat on and it looked just about as bad as the second – except darker. I think the thickness of the stain (the gel factor) made it really hard to make the coverage even. Some say you can do another coat six hours later but that didn’t really work with our schedule and I like to give a long time between coats. Now we know what we like and don’t like. Well, it’s now March and I’ve finally been able to process the entire process. Not only was it a million times easier, I think it looks a lot better. Have you tried gel stain? Paint the entire surface with the glaze. We bought a foreclosure and it was evident the house was not cared for, for quite awhile. Step three. [posts contain affiliate links, which means we make a small commission if a purchase is made, at no additional cost to you. They’re the right kind of sticky without being sticky – you know? Most of her recipes come from the treasured recipe box passed down from her great-grandma, grandmother, and mother. It makes no sense to me. Agree with your experience. Most of my recipes come from the treasured recipe box passed down from my great-grandma, grandmother and mother. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. medianet_width = "160"; Glazes add beautiful depth to a finish and also highlight carvings and lines and other decorative elements of a furniture piece or a cabinet finish. Also, in their video they tell you it will only take 2 coats. How to Gel Stain Cabinets – The Good, The Bad and The Truth. Yes, you can apply gel stain as a glaze over finished stained wood. The antiqued cabinets give the room a warm, homey feel. It was worth the investment. It’s the little things! We used an off-white, closer to a cream and added the glaze after! My other problem, on the first room was the sanding between coats of poly. The price goes up a little with each line of glaze because that is one more pass over each cabinet surface. Okay, so here’s where my whole strategy changed. However, I’m not totally sad I did this project. It was really a very similar process to regular staining. But really, how even can gel stain be on wood this worn? Here’s the first coat again on the drawer. Krud Cutter (to clean off the cabinets) Paper Liner (to protect your floors and walls) Painters Tape (to tape down the paper liner and protect your walls) After taking the vacuum cleaner to my cabinetry to clean up the sanding dust, I then took the tack cloths and went over them to make sure every little piece of dust was gone. Brrrrr! However, there is no way I would attempt using gel stain on my kitchen cabinets as others have. As you can see, the cabinets just look beat up. After filling the knob holes with wood putty and letting them dry a full 24 hours, I started to sand. Glazing kitchen cabinets is also known as antiquing. The other two bathrooms have vents and the only thing I stained in them was the actual shell of the vanity. I took off all the doors before sanding and laid them out in our larger bathroom floor. I’ve done a few projects with stainable putty and it never looks right. Me and the gel stain quickly went from being strangers to BFFs during that period of time last summer, and my kitchen cabinets were converted from honey oak into a beautiful, rich mocha brown. Glad I’m not crazy to have these kinds of results. So, naturally, I turned to Pinterest and found this idea of glazing kitchen cabinets for an antique look. Do you care to clarify why you hate dark cabinets? But, I was doing 2 different rooms. However, I was asking why choose white for a cabinet when most messes occur in the kitchen? Keep the wood-grain look of stained cabinetry without the work of heavy sanding or stripping! You can see where the putty went. medianet_crid = "642385746"; Because this is gel stain, you don’t have to sand like you would with regular stain. What paint did you use for the base coat? Here’s the difference between the before and the first coat. Go back with a damp (NOT wet) cloth and remove all of the excess glaze. May I ask – how is it holding up? I just read a ‘before and after’ posts of a cabinet makeover a few minutes ago where the author turned their kitchen cabinet from dark to something bright and gorgeous. We’re going to be re-doing all our baseboards in the house this year and I wasn’t sure how I would wrap those around there, so I decided to hold off. This bathroom has the most light from a window that is directly across from it so it picks up all the detail. Forgot to mention that before. This product provides a wide choice of decorating effects when applied over satin or … Types of Antiquing Glaze First of all, let’s talk about the purpose of a paint glaze. No prep! Tack cloths are cool, man. The bristled brush gets into the grooves better and it looks natural. How to Gel Stain Kitchen Cabinets Using Dry Brush Technique - Duration: 7:43. An experienced applicator can combine different colors of glaze for a vast array of interesting finishes and techniques. Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), A Book Lovers Guide to Styling a Book Shelf, How to Decorate Open Shelving in the Kitchen. Hi there, I'm Rhonda! Painting it on does keep it from streaking. Ugh! Gel stain can also be applied to unfinished wood to provide them better protection and a deepened look. Step one. I wasn’t too worried about filling these holes because I was going to purchase these drawer pulls. Wipe the wax off within 30 seconds. To share the journey of turning a house into a home. Tinting Glaze can be used to create antique, graining, or faux finishes. Yes, that was me. In case you missed it, here's my tutorial!Want to get this gorgeous glazed look? That is, if you’re using the sock method. I have very dark cabinets, want to brighten up kitchen. No, I put the glaze directly over the paint. A suggestion is chalk paint with a wax finish. There is no way you could do just one coat of gel stain. medianet_height = "600"; Run the wet cloth just below the edge, wiping away most of the glaze. You may need to touch up a few spots after the 3rd Hello, I have light creamy colored cabinets and I would like to move to a gray color, rather that the cream color. One of the other things I was interested in testing out with the gel stain was the veneer side on one of our vanities. I see that you subscribe to the same idea here too. Look at the stainable putty. I had the same experience as you did. For an antique look, decorators use dark pigmented glaze on white cabinets. Best, Learn how your comment data is processed. thanks for supporting north country nest!]. This is the process of artificially aging the way a cabinet looks by applying a finish to give it a weathered appearance. You can see how it soaks in like stain, but not so evenly. You can glaze wood-stained cabinets, colored cabinets, or grey cabinets with dark brown or black glaze. This post has been a long time in the making. There was no way I was going to put 20 layers of stain on these babies to finally get it even. If so, how many coats? I sanded softly, but still ended up with areas that I sanded off the stain. That being said, for the first year after we did the gel stain it looked great! This option will definitely help you save money. Furniture Painting Staining Kitchen Cabinets Cabinets Kitchen Refinishing I happened upon gel stain when I was looking for ways to transform the oak kitchen cabinets in my old home. I didn’t sand down to the base of the cabinets, but I did go through and sand everything lightly. 2 coats, totally even and awesome. Now for glazing technique number two. How about you, which do you like? I really am glad i did this project. No turning back, baby! Oh my goodness, that’s inane!! Cleverly Simple® is a registered trademark of Cleverly Simple, LLC. Oil Rubbed Black, Antiquing Gel (Thick Glaze with built in Top Coat) (16oz) 4.7 out of 5 stars 97 $29.99 $ 29. I let the first coat dry for a full 24 hours. I wondered if you had added a top coat of some kind to the cabinets after adding the glaze? I used a gel stain on a bathroom under sink cabinet and had much the same results. Required fields are marked *. By using this site, you are agreeing to the site’s terms of use. I learned the same way as you! I made sure to stir the gel stain very well with my paint stick. Good luck and thanks for stopping by and posting a comment! I actually moved three years ago so I can’t share how it’s holding up today. Learn how to update your cabinets with this step by step tutorial. After having trouble with the sock/rag method on the first room, it took 4 coats, I stopped and went on the GF website for their tutorials. I had to step away for awhile. Your email address will not be published. The installation qoute was another $25,000. Read the tutorial here. Hey Angie! Up until that point, my idea of technique was managing to not get any paint on my clothes. See more ideas about kitchen cabinets, kitchen remodel, painting kitchen cabinets. The last part is to set up your room. It did take 3-4ish coats to cover really well but i am now loving the new look. You won't believe the difference! That being said, I wish I would have done this on the island, too. I still applyed multiple coats and a polyurethane quick dry finish. It just looks so uneven. In hindsight, I may have been a little ambitious. Oil-base glaze is best for cabinets and furniture when the finish is lacquer, varnish or shellac, and you’re applying the glaze in a shop with good ventilation. Krud Cutter (to clean off the cabinets) Paper Liner (to protect your floors and walls) Painters Tape (to tape down the paper liner and protect your walls) Sand Block Srubby Sponge (to use with the Krud Cutter) Putty Knife Wood Filler (if you’re planing to change the knobs) Paint Stir Sticks Paint Ventilation Mask Rags Nitrile Gloves (At least 6 pairs) Tack Cloth Plastic Tarp Steel Wool (very fine, 0000) Sponge Brush, And for those who have everything, all you need is: Wipe On Poly Gel Stain, And for those like me that really are starting from scratch: Knobs Hinges. Ha! I did use a foam brush to stain with and did not wipe off. I hated the dark cabinets, have a love for Fixer Upper and decided we needed to go light. I recently did a Facebook Live with Hometalk where I shared a cabinet glazing technique. Here’s everything you need to gel stain. Is Gel Stain Better? We’re Brett and Kelly! Here’s what it looked like after the second coat. That is just not going to happen. Find Gel Stain interior stains at Lowe's today. Maybe it was the winter boredom that seems to happen around January, but whatever the case I set out to research this craze and update our bathroom vanities. We didn’t do a primer/base coat on our cabinets. For cabinets, opt for an oil-based glaze product because you'll have more time to work since it takes longer to dry than a water-based formula. So, yeah. In this thread, experienced hands explain techniques. I was debating whether or not to paint it, when I remembered the leftover gel stain from the bathroom cabinets and thought I'd give that a try first. Last summer, Brett and I didn’t get out on the w, If you need me, I'll be here gazing lovingly at ou, Yesterday, #ontheblog we did a mid-year check in o, Just in case you missed it - new last Thursday #on. Redoing the kitchen cabinets was one of the first items on my to-do list once we moved into the house. Prices, Promotions, styles, and availability may vary. Thanks for sharing your tips. If you’re looking for some good tutorials on how to use gel stain I found this video and this video especially helpful. Although, painting with chalk paint doesn’t require as much prep and you might be okay if you get a stronger polyurethane top coat for protection. No matter how many coats, gel stain does not go on as evenly as regular stain. I just finished my 3 to 4 month update in my kitchen with gel stain. In general, oil-based glazes work better for stained cabinets and water-based … I’m also wondering if I struggled with the streakiness because of the un-evenness of the wood to begin with. - … My second project turned out beautiful! I will keep the $51,000 for something else. I had thought about gel staining my cabinets for months and finally jumped in this winter. I would use it again on vanities like this to spruce them up. Hoping I get a reply.. but I have oak cabinets now and I’m thinking about doing this glaze painting over the oak. Visit Cleverly Simple 's profile on Pinterest. I probably will end up gel staining it, though. Tip: Gel stain dries pretty quickly, so work on one door, drawer or section of cabinet at a time. You know when you look at something for hours and so you therefore see every single imperfection? Hi Darlene! (Update:  I decided to paint our kitchen cabinets. Note: The cabinets were painted with Dutch Boy Cabinet & Trim Paint prior to glazing. I have Carmel colored cabinets right now, how would I achieve this look on them? Here’s another picture of the first coat on the actual cabinet. So glad you had success! It covered great the first coat. Not my favorite stain! The most popular paint color is white, because the glaze shows up easily to create an antiqued look. Kelly. Here’s a side by side view. The doors were already beat up so sanding actually made them look better. Thank you! It doesn’t have to be too heavy, but make sure you get Do not glaze the edges. Glaze can make the difference from Ordinary to Extraordinary. Step 5 - Apply the gel stain Using an clean rag {we cut up an old t-shirt}, apply the gel stain to the cabinet door. I will be using your experience, tips and advice to redo mine. So, what do you think? I do think you might be able to do one coat with a paint brush – but I didn’t try that method in the beginning. Thank you for this article. If you’re using a different type of paint, you may want to add a poly topcoat. So I did what any reasonable person does and cleaned my hands off and got right back on the computer. For the all-over glaze, I did the entire cabinet, doors and base. Breathe new life into tired, outdated cabinets with this step-by-step, affordable tutorial for updating cabinets with gel stain. see the full disclosure here.]. This picture above really shows the imperfections because of the lighting. Then apply dark wax to highlight the grooves in the doors. I can help! Still, it was less than replacing the three vanities so I wasn’t sad about the cost, I just wanted to make sure you were hearing the real truth of what this kind of project costs. The photos really helped. In a penned glaze process, the material is hand-applied to only to the highlighted areas. Brett was kind enough to let me use some of his old white t-shirts and they worked magnificently. If you haven’t read my post on the painting problems I experienced, you can check that out here before you continue. However, my bright kitchen will not see gel stain. My kitchen is a galley style kitchen and like you I would like to stay on the brighter side of the gray color. I definitely put my foot in my mouth – I just made the switch to white cabinets and I LOVE it. If any of the glaze does run off to the back, it will be on the inside and not as noticeable. We also didn’t add in a poly topcoat because the paint is specifically made for cabinets and trim – meaning, it’s meant for high durability and it’s high gloss. Lynette’s recipes and projects have been featured in Country Living, Good Housekeeping, House Beautiful and others. […] Previous Previous post: Earlier than and After: Damsel in Dior’s Modern Los Angeles Abode Search for: […], Your email address will not be published. Are they painted or wood stained? Do the cabinets need to be prep before glazing? Thats $51,000 for cabinets! Great tips and amazing results!! Our local stores do not honor online pricing. Hopefully this LONG post will help you make that decision. So, here’s my honest review of gel stain. This process went pretty quickly. Thanks for the tips! Start with the front of the cabinet door. If you give either a try, let us know how it goes! You may be wondering why I didn’t do the bottom toe kick. When you did the all over glaze did you do the cabinet boxes also? You can’t go wrong with sanding – it always will help the paint stick, so that’s what I would recommend Good luck! Your email address will not be published. Definitely an improvement! Lynette is the home cook, recipe tester and photographer for Cleverly Simple which she created in 2010. I used general finishes Java gel stain n also used antique walnut. Antiquing cabinets using stain or glaze is a good look for a country kitchen or for kitchens decorated in a Tuscan, French or Victorian style. Especially on the veneer? Kelly. How to Glaze Cabinets with Gel Stain Glazing cabinets is an easy way to update the look and feel of your space. Thanks for Your help. Required fields are marked *. It finally looked like I thought it would. I followed YouTuber Pete B n his exact directions n used same brush to Paint on the gel stain…n let me tell you…it came out perfect n I never did this before. We’re sharing two different techniques on how to glaze kitchen cabinets for the perfect antique look! . I knew they would cover any mistakes, and really I could have just not filled the hole but I wanted to again try out putty to see if you could really stain it – be forewarned. I’m glad you had success on your second room! 124 Comments. They DONT recommend wiping on with a rag and off when refinishing, only on raw wood. If you have, you know why I used two different styles of glazing and also know that I will always read the directions and do a little more research on types of paint and their compatibility. I still feel like after three years we’re still cleaning up the grime and this project was no exception. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Not bad, actually. Did you all use the pure white or an off white color as your base? The kitchen tile project was, The last four years have been a constant experimen, Easy methods to: Glaze Kitchen Cupboards – North Nation Nest – – DIY & Home Decor Ideas. I’ve since gel stain a lot of my old honey oak cabinets n dud the kitchen cabinets n fireplace as well. I’m not going to lie, I really enjoyed the uninterrupted time of staining. I didn’t start with this one because I didn’t want the cabinets to be that dark and I just wanted the edges of the drawers and doors to be defined. How to Glaze Kitchen Cabinets - Bob Vila Top Remove all cabinet doors and drawers by unscrewing the hinges, then empty the contents completely. . In this example, we did 5 lines of glaze. I tried this and the glaze leaked through to the other side. It looks a little better on the vanity. Question I … We are looking at transitioning our dark cabinets and like the look of the glazing of cabinets. You accomplish this by rubbing the glaze and paint solution on the cabinet or by rubbing a watered down layer of paint I think if I had used a brush from the beginning, it would have been better, but as it was – this was my end result. And I want to share them with you. There should be a small amount defining the edge of the drawer. Copyright © 2010 – 2020, Cleverly Simple®. I put an old sock on top of my gloved hand – turned on the Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast and went to town. Thank you for sharing! I watched YouTube videos, I read blogs and I realized that the results were spectacular and that very easily I could achieve this amazing dark java look. You can use less glaze, which means the detailing won’t be as dark. Since several pieces in my home are glazed or antiqued, there are multiple tutorials on how to glaze or antique cabinets and furniture at the bottom of this article. Hello! Maybe it was my oak cabinets, but I have never had so much trouble getting something to look even.

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